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spot the difference printable printables for kids today’s freebie is a spot the difference printable a visual puzzle challenge that’s fun for both kids and adults the printable is available in both color and black and white and features a cartoon of a man on a skateboard being pulled through the park by his dog printable fall spot the difference just print cut them in half if you’d like and grab a crayon simply have your child take a look at the two pictures side by side and have them circle the differences that they see between the two can you spot the difference in these 10 think that you’re observant enough to spot the subtle differences in pictures get your eyes ready because this is tricky grab a timer or move at a leisurely pace and see how many differences brain teasers 12 free spot the difference puzzles "spot the difference” puzzles challenge your brain at first glance the two images may appear to be identical but looks can be deceiving there are actually many differences between the two images the following 12 slides you will find 12 free "spot the difference" puzzles that you can print in each case you ll need to be methodical to spot the differences spot the difference puzzles spot the difference puzzles great collection of jigsaws and math puzzles mysterious mazes and labyrinths intriguing visual logic games easy handwriting worksheets and spot the difference activities crosswords for kids guess the word rebuses word search and many other brain teasers