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list of scooby doo characters this is a list of scooby doo characters scooby doo is an american animated franchise based around several animated television series and animated as well as live action movies 10 origins of popular cartoon characters listverse history has always fascinated me and i love to find out about ancestry and family trees leading on from my previous list 10 beatles songs and the origins this sequel reveals the stories behind several popular cartoon characters amazon scooby doo where are you the plete first scooby doo shaggy daphne and the rest of the crew are all here order scooby doo where are you the plete first and second seasons on dvd at amazon 13 fun facts about ‘scooby doo’ the 2002 live action movie scooby doo written by guardians of the galaxy director james gunn played upon shaggy’s insinuated stoner vibe and velma’s rumored homo uality amazon scooby doo widescreen edition matthew do you want to watch a scary movie if so scooby doo is the right thing to watch my first reason is there s is a lot of curiousity in the movie