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sailor moon crystal 2014 vs the original sailor moon crystal 2014 vs the original usagi prepares to fight in her new flashy form viz media announced with a bang in may that they would be releasing the currently airing sailor moon crystal and the original sailor moon series with a new dub cast sailor moon villains characters tv tropes this page covers the villains of sailor moon two anime exclusive aliens who showed up at the start of r their idea of love is skewed at best earlier he wrecked mamoru s performance of "snow white" purely because he wasn t chosen to be the prince poupelin banane and orangeat are badiane s right the neo family moon sisters artemis the white cat first appeared as minako s guardian in the sailor v manga his main purpose was to train minako to be at her best when she takes on the role of leader as she was meant to lead the senshi in battle and protect sailor moon bandai tamashii nations venus "pretty guardian sailor moon buy bandai tamashii nations venus "pretty guardian sailor moon" toy action & toy figures amazon free delivery possible on eligible purchases the case of the perpetual victim moon sisters although they far from count as villains the cast of perpetual victims in any ic manga series rarely win fans of their own and are sometimes a royal pain when they don t contribute much to the plot after a certain point